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Jamboree On The Trail

Jamboree On The Trail (JOTT) is an annual day for the World Scout Movement to hike together. All Scouts, whatever their age and wherever they may be in the world, are invited to participate in whatever way they can. Cubs and younger Scouts could visit a local nature trail as part of a weekend camp. A Scout Troop might check out a hiking trail while working on rank requirements. A Rover Crew might make a Service Project out of restoring or maintaining a hiking trail. In their own way, everyone is hiking the same direction: towards a better future through Scouting. JOTT is held on the second Saturday of May each year.

JOTT follows the idea of Join-in events in a World Jamboree year. Jamboree on the Trail is simply a coordinated event where Scouts around the world simultaneously participate in local hikes. This type of event allows Scouts to take part in activities at the same time as other Scouts, promoting the idea of Scouting. Participants are awarded a JOTT badge as a recognition of having participated in the worldwide event.

More info, register groups, crests and more

Visit the JOTT website http://jott.org to sign up for JOTT information, to register for JOTT, to order JOTT crests, to chat about JOTT, to view photos from past JOTTs, or to enter a JOTT crest design idea.


By Scouter Kevin Thomson:

A Canadian Scout Troop hiked part of the Trans Canada Trail one fine October weekend in 1997. The following Monday, Scoutmaster Dave Wiebe sent a trip report to an Internet email list ScoutsCan-L, beginning a conversation on hiking. The conversations lead to the idea of a Scout hiking day for all sections and on any trail.

Further discussion set the date for the first event as April 25, 1998; late enough that those in the Northern parts were likely to have trails free of snow on which to walk.

Reading list messages about the idea, UK Scouter Kevin Thomson began to wish that he could take part in this too. It then occurred to him that this needn’t be limited to the shores of Canada as there are trails to walk on all over the world.

Scouters quickly agreed that this could be a world-wide event. Now that the event was born, they discussed what to call it. For a while it was going to be World Wide Walk because it had been started through discussions on the World Wide Web. In the end, they decided on Jamboree On The Trail (JOTT).

In Canada, The Leader magazine (now called Scouting Life) carried information about JOTT and people were asked to publicize and promote the event locally. Registration was handled by post and by an on-line registration form on ScoutBase UK. The first Jamboree On The Trail took place just 29 weeks after the fall hike that started it all. There was no official recognition for the event, no funding for publicity, and just the Internet and word of mouth to spread the news. Nonetheless, the event did catch the imagination of a great number of Scouters. The inaugural JOTT had over twenty-four thousand participants in seventeen countries around the world. From this beginning, Jamboree On The Trail has grown.