Halifax Scouting | Kub Kar Rules
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Kub Kar Rules

  • Kub Kar crestParents and Scouters are asked to remind youth that the Rally is intended as a FUN but competitive event.
  • All parties are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the Principles of Scouting. Remember the Cub Promise – DO YOUR BEST!!
  • Please review race rules with youth and parents.

Questions? Contact 26th Halifax at 26halifax@gmail.com

Unofficial Kub Kar Rally Rules

Please note: Rules and information are subject to change, Race day rules will be taken as complete and accurate.

The Kars

  • Every Kar must be this year’s model, not built for previous years.
  • Kars must be built to meet the official Scouts Canada Kub Kar kit specifications:
    • NEW for 2019 – Maximum kar height of 15 cm (so as to clear sensor bridges)
    • NEW for 2019 – All parts and accessories on kar must be fastened down
    • Only the nails supplied with the kit may be used for axles for the wheels.
    • Kars must not exceed an overall weight of 5 ounces or 142 grams.
    • Kars must not exceed an overall length of 7 inches or 180mm.
    • Kars must not exceed an overall width of 2 ¾ inches or 70 mm.
    • No suspension system of any kind is allowed.
    • Lead cannot be used for ballast.
    • All four Kub Kar wheels must touch the track while racing.
    • The minimum distance between the wheels is 1 ¾ inches or 4.5 cm
    • Kars must use all 4 wheels.
    • Wheel profile (size) must not be changed.
    • Only dry graphite is allowed for lubricating the wheels. No oils or spray lubricant are allowed
    • No Magnets

Racing the Kars

  • Only the Kub Kar owner can race the Kar. The Kar owner must be present in order to race. If not able to be present another Kub can be designated to race for them. This must be stated at time of registration.
  • Each Kar must pass inspection before it can be registered.
  • Kars cannot be altered or lubricated in ANY way after the Kar has been registered.
  • Cars may be repaired only by the official “Pit Crew” if damaged. Only minor repairs will be carried out. There is no guarantee successful repairs can be completed.
  • The “Race Area,” including the table holding the Kars, is off limits except to those racing in the current heat.
  • When a Kar number is called, the Cub must pick up the Kar from the table and place it on the track where told.
  • When heat is complete the Kar is returned to the table under the corresponding number.

Prizes & awards

  • Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in race competition.
  • Awards will also be given in the Creativity Content Category for:
    • Creative Content
    • Most Cub Content
    • Best Theme
    • Most Realistic Kar
    • Weirdest Paint Job
  • A Cub may only receive one award. If they place in the race competition they will not be eligible for the Creative Content Category.
  • The Race Committee decisions are final.


  • All Youth/Scouters are expected to be in uniform.
  • All Youth, Scouters and Parents are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the principles of Scouting. This is intended as a fun and friendly youth competition.